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Topic: Jadeon PVE/PVP build  (Read 6928 times)

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Jadeon PVE/PVP build
« on: October 22, 2015, 07:38:48 am »
I make this topic because I see some +14 jadeons cant even kill Azure Phoenix with TB.
For maxed:
Max Ancestral Virtue, Hazy Skies, Frost chasm in Blade tome.
For low chroma ppl:
Gear: Full BG gears
Use close star seals for helm/boots. Open star seals for chest/weapon(make other chest with close star seals if dagos se build).

Helm: Weaken(se)
Chest: Sil(make other chest with para if can)(se)
Boots: Stun(se)
Weapon: Anti-reduce
Tome/Acc: Crit bonus(dont rly need it)/crit shield.(null/se as +9 bonus stat)

Chi: Horse chi/Chi of nirvana

Neck: Suno/windo neck.
Rings: Res rings/Sa rings/Se rings(if u want to play dagos se build)
Gem embed: Sa(se) + null + shield

Trinket: Yellow trinket(get all 3 if can)
Charm: Xixo protector/Peerless charm/Raging Blizzard/Frost chasm/Blade Conciousness/Heavenly Virtue(mix charm)
Ess: Close star(get both if can)

Soul stone:
Custom 4/8: x2 dmg reduce %+ x2 crit shield(soul set:Lyan+juen+venn+urh + porr)
Custom 5/8: x2 sa+x1 anti-reduce+x2 ap(not ap%)(soul set: Lyan+juen+venn+tann)
Custom 4/6: x2 se+x1 sa+ x1 anti reduce(or x2 se x2 dmg reduce %)(for dagos jad se build)
Custom 3/5: x1 anti-reduce x2 anti-affinity(or x2 dmg reduce x1 dagos res)
Try to make x2 sa x2 para res stone and x2 stun/sil stone with reset. Also make stones with all soulset skills.
Fate charm:
Skill accurary/attack power/skill evasion/crit null/movement speed/health(sil/stun recovery).
Pet: Luna with hollow/elysium/lost skills.
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