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Topic: Celan Build and Gear  (Read 5493 times)

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Celan Build and Gear
« on: May 21, 2014, 02:15:48 pm »
Hey all! 1st of all, I have to say sorry cauz I will use google translater for do this =S My english is not good enoth for do big things like this T.T So, let's start ;-)

After read all topic about celan (which was not very long = S),I decided to give a light in this class that is still unknown by many until today.

First, you have to know that class will only show off his full potential in endgame. So don't be scared if others class are more strong tham you at beginning.

Second, Celan need be a little more tactical tham others because we can't just jump on the battle ground like a Balo and expect to survive...

Build :

The good thing about celan is his build. it's the same for all affinity! =P
I'm sorry, this build is based on JD Database so don't care about Chroma lvl. Also Database don't have enoth point on Tomes so at Grace, Gospel of Blessing, put it lvl3 too.


Stuff :
Now it become a little complicate ^_^
Diferent of what everyone think, Celan need 2 gears, Chu-han and Skytuch or Battleground with a Skytuch wapeon.

-Chu-Han :
Your 1st gear is Chu-Han. Why Chu-han? because you are a new celan and are not ready yet for play with Battleground/Skytuch XD
So, Chu-han (with chu-han wapeon too) is for Soundblade Emperor. This skill deal damage based in your curently Spirit. This damage is white so it don't care about critnul critshield deffence and damage reduction. It's a direct hit on target HP.
This stuff also ask for high Crit Null, Shield and Damage Reduction. Attack, Rate, Bonus and Anti-Damage Reduction are totaly useless here.
You have 2 way for Chu-han stuff, Res Chu-Han or Evasive Skill Chu-Han.
With res Chu han you can tank more easy people who kill with Negative effect like sleep silence paralize or stun. It's a nice back guard when Reflect fail or if it on cd. Also, it is helpfull if you want silence in your Soul Scepter. But you will depends alot of reflect for tank high damages because your Evasive Skill is low.
With a Evasive Skill Chu-han you gona be almost untouchable and more if you are Dagos. You almost don't gona need use refelct. But, if you use it with high Evasive, the reflect will not return the attack because your oponent is missing you and if your oponent have high acuracy and debuffs, you gona be an easy target for him.

-Skytuch or Battleground:
Skytuch or Battleground Stuff are for the middle/endgame. Here we totaly change the way that we was going with Chu-Han. In this stuff you gona focus on Attack, Damage Reduction, Evasive Skill, Crit Damage and Rate. For be more simple, it's the same way tham build a Modo Dagos. Focus on damage and in Evasive too because, like them, Celan still squishy.

PS: Celan don't have Accuracy buffs. So, independent if you go res, eva or attack, you gonna need Accuracy stuffs for fight others full eva faction

Diferent tham others class, Celan main esper is his Soul Scepter. With this, you have to unlock:
  -Soundblade Emperor +1 for more damage
  -Tone of Meditation+1 for more silence boost
  -Tone of the Fontain+1 for more res boost

After get that, you have to Inher 2 others espers. 1 is firmus of curs and other is... a 2nd Soul Scepter \o/. Why a 2nd ? simple, for drain more SP. Normaly 1 Spirit drain eat 72% every 2 sec so your oponent has 1 sec for use potions and remouve it. But, if you stash a 2nd Spirit burn on that, it does a Spirit burn of 72% EVERY SEC. Your oponent can't regen that anymore. His spirit stay at 0 and don't up for 25 sec around so you can use SBE at full damage.
But, of curs, every1 has a skill from fashion/soul stone who remouve that without use Spirit. So, what we can do for that ? Simple =P get a esper rayan and kytos tier 4, asc it and fusion with your Soul Scepter. with that (if you are lucky) you can have Silence effect in your Main Soul Scepter skill for 11 sec plus a stun for 5sec.
But, this Silence is based in the average valure of all your res. So, class like forta, skysong, rayan (with empaty) and others celan with ToM activate can block this silence. And the stun is based in your own stun only. So if you have low stun res that will not work verry well against hight stun res oponent. So, get high res for make it work =P.
Or if you think it's to much borring work res and you prefer play evasive, you can take a forta esper tier 4, asc it and fuse for get a stun effect with your Spirit burn. This stun is not long like the silence but has 45% chance to pass ignoring target stun res.

Soulstone :
I made another topic only for it because it's a long list of souls. More your celan is worked out, more you gona need souls.
But, basicly, in your soulstone you need Spirit + Sprit inher + Accuracy Skill with PURE soul set ( 4slots ) with this you have a nice SP and a good accuracy skill. Of curs if you are more lucky tham me (T.T) you can try get Spirit x2 + Spirit inher + Accuracy Skill x2.

Accessory set : 
-Xato Ring Set (all celan have to get it for accuracy skill)
-Dijo Ring Set if you play with res
-Zuro Ring Set if you play with evasive skill
-Windo Necklace for more Critnull
-Necklace of Reckoning for more Crit Bonus ( Elder of Arcaneness)

Trinket :
The must easy thing. You need them all hahaha.

Charm :
-Solemm Composition Charm for more damage on SBE
-White Snake Charm. This charm is not a faction charm, it's the last evolution of white day charm. It give +30%crit shield and a nice Spirit. it cost 7500Monkey Coin at all.
-Memorable Ditty for decress Petal drop and Journey Beginning Cooldown

Well, that's all for it. If you have any question pleas feel free for ask it. If it is a big thing maybe I will do another topic about it like for the soul stone.
Thanks for read it all. See you around =P.
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Re: Celan Build and Gear
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 09:31:37 pm »
I notice the link of build JD Database was dead so I put it here again. Plz notice this site still don't have lvl160 asc and so I put max lvl chroma for have points enoth on tomes. Hope that gona help u guys  :)



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