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Topic: Felkin Vim Guide  (Read 6376 times)

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Felkin Vim Guide
« on: November 06, 2013, 11:33:47 pm »
Hei there Monkeys!
Ok 1st of all I do not PvE unless obliged so don't ask about a pve guide, I can't help you.
Lets get started:

1- Felkin, Dagos or Fuwa vim?

It's simple. They are all good AT WHAT THEY DO. Meaning depending on ur playstyle u will have an easier time with 1 of the affinity than the others.
Now in my personal opinion i will rate Dagos 1st, fuwa 2nd, felkin last

WHY? you ask? WELL:
 it's a private server not so easy to kill with a fuwa but not so easy to die either+Dagos u have DoR2, array revealing rayans, spite2 to decr. resistances at a whim and it's low cd, mad spiral2 that i think can stun pretty much any1 caught offguard, MJ<arcane>silences, more critrate than others, etc... refer to ingame descriptions for further details.

Then Why am I felkin?:
Well 1st of all it fits my playstyle...Hit and Run, felkin cant tank, Ive had ppl complaining abt me runnin too much as a vim(well guess what? i didnt go felkin to tank)
2nd~ GS2  The server is overun by Voidas. Eventhough the CD on it is too long it guarantees u a kill on preferably the best Voida during a mass pvp, therefore making it a little easier for ur team or urself to fight lesser threats, And with the new gears most of them have so much SP that gs2 is just overkill.
3rd~ Mohun Juma <Bane>  this is the MAIN killer the more HP your target has the better. white damage stacks with yellow damage for each hit and it's % based on the target depending on the skill lvl too. i believe 20/20 is 10% ... need to check later.  Ex: On some op lupin with around 1.5m HP I tested and the white dmg is way over 100k. 2-3 mohun easily bring them to 40% hp

Thats it? you go felkin just cuz of those 3 skills? and what about GS?
GS use to kill but as ppl get op and maxed out etc..GS alone cant kill anymore unless crits or ur target is squishy. I am not gonna go in details how to kill cuz that's just giving away my tactics and not every opponent  u will face fights the same way . However let me guide you toward the right direction.
However after some test, to increase the probability of 1 shooting your target here is what you will need:

- Chu Han gears set
- Stone with at least 1 Spirit Increased stat + 1 Sp stat
- Stone with Anti-Reduction
- Fully tomed GS
-Esper with maxed green SP stat and bloodsmelted SP to the max
- Highly refined Helmet
- Nirvana Chi
These arent all but the ones that are usually overlooked. Aim for 400k SP +

Same as all affinities
Thundering Sky
Nihility (i have it but never use split strike since i have magma blade 2)
Exorcism ( low cd GS)
A MUST: Heavenly Wish Charm - get the recipe from tao danush in SS and combine faith charm with heaven blessing charm. ( u cant tank but at least have a reliable Raja)
Absurd Notion Charm( ANOTHER MUST) extra 50% critshield and more Hp from Sp

PS: I recommend being Skysong pre-asc then asc into Vim just for the raja reset after casting Cope. you WILL need it.

Build skill/tomes
Same since 1872 nothing changed http://jd.pwdatabase.com/pwi/calc/Vim#r27z3803905103703z6703803696853803697806254222z2y2y22z233z222222223324202z223322233324&81

chroma skill priorities:

-Mohun <bane>
-nameless technique<bane>
-Banish Soul
-Blood Curse ( the cd gets really low as u lvl this up, PLZ FFS abuse of it, u cant tank but it screws up your opponent chance to crit u by so much!) + sets em up for a long stun if banish soul lands.
-Clever rebuttal <bane>( use this whenver off cd and no raja available to run away and make sure u max this skill)
-Holiness eruption and Passives
-The rest are useless unless maxed or near maxed
-Arrival of greatness misses too much but good for stun res debuff and poking celans on MiM (GETS SUPER OP on Zhu Xian3)

Felk vim Mechanics:
Magma Blade 2 cd is relatively low so use it everytime its ready. If no stun u get a good slow on target, if stuns, try to go for the kill really fast. df2+GS, or firmus+mj2 etc...anything to get that kill

GS2~ i usually save it for factions with relatively high sp. To name popualr 1s,  felk modos, Jadeons, Voidas, Celans (any1 with full chu han gears)

GS ~ this is a pserver u cant kill with this like on Official you need high critrate like me for it to work in most situations

Mohun juma or Nameless tech: fillers or to break low breakpoints rajas like BoS or tiger suit raja

Mohun juma <bane> : use this whenever u can get close without risk of insta death on ur part. Amplified effects if used after Megabane and if fully tomed profane bash effects

Nameless tech bane: disarm opponent, sp drains, nice dmg, gives a short dmg rduction buff. This helps alot to survive in tough situations

sandjo array: eventho i ALWAYS forget to activate this, its very important, reduces critnull of targets around u  by 6%, (everything counts to land that GS crit)

The best stats means everythin maxed. Good luck with that if thats what u are going for.
For weak ppl like me here is where u wanna focus:( In this Order)
-Skill Acc

PvP Action:
Mount or Not?
Always Mount unless u just used clever rebutal <bane> then hop off n run off to the sunset!

OMG! those dagos keep silencing me QQ what do I do? help!!?
Anything that helps:fuse pet with high grade, expertise buff, demonic betrayal, soulstone, fatecharms, trinket, tome/acc, Esper, Imbues, etc...

Gosh I die too fast when off raja FML!!
Do Not deliberately tank...thats not ur job,
If chased, ( i am always chased) tank a lil bit with the low durations tools u have to give your raja time to cooldown (infatuation, clev rebutal, hidden talent, blood mood, absurd notion buff, raja from velo suit, rabbit hop, etc...always be on the move WHILE using magma blade 2, iy slows ur target down AND u nvr know when that stun is gonna land. Counter Attack FTW)

Can't think of additional details right now but leave a question or suggestion below i'll be happy to respond or edit the post if needed.

Again am not saying you should go Felkin cuz it's best or they are good ( THAT WOULD BE A BIG LIE)
And if you ask me what i recommend for a wannabe Vim who wants to learn?? Without hesitation go FUWA or else u might hate the whole faction altogether xD

Cya in-game you bunch of Monkeys!! :p

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Re: Felkin Vim Guide
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2014, 03:56:55 pm »
I really like the fel vim build! However, depending on how long someone has played fel vim, there can be a few exceptions to the whole "can't tank" situation. I can tank fairly well if there is a team fight happening in war and such. As could anyone else that knows what they are doin.  8)


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