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Topic: How to make an Essence using Jadens only  (Read 217 times)

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How to make an Essence using Jadens only
« on: January 01, 2019, 12:26:14 pm »
Among the many methods you may obtain a certain Essence, have you ever thought of obtaining them using Jadens only? Wait, is that even possible? hell ya, Brah. However, It's not the most efficient method.

I mentioned in my Index guide that the Virgo Essences [Velenous] you buy from the Market are only usable to Male characters due to the attached dance skill they have, but there's actually a way to exchange that Virgo Essence [Velenous] to a normal Virgo Essence that isn't gender-locked.

NOTE: Before going anywhere, make sure your crafting skill is Lv1 at least. You do that by talking to Craftsman Tamasi in Sunstream City 176 79 (163).
I prefer basing in the old Sunstream we're all fond of. Talk to Skylord in the New Sunstream and scroll down to teleport to Custom SS.
You can find the Copper Block x5 you need from Shady Dealer in Sunstream 212 69 (163)

If you've bought a Virgo Essence [Velenous] from the Market(J), you'll have to visit the Elder of Arcaneness - Jadeon: 4 -433 (112)
We have business with the two guys at his sides.
Make sure your Velenous Virgo Essence is in your bag.
If you want to make ★ essence: Talk to Lunarshade.
If you want to make ☆ essence: Talk to Breezemark.

Go to the Exchange Tab, and there's your secret to swapping Velenous Virgo to a normal Virgo Essence.

NOTE: Made a mistake? You bought the wrong Essence? Fear not! We have you covered:
{How To}Change your essence to PvP from PvE or PvE to PvP

Now to actually upgrade your Virgo Essence to Libra Essence, you will need to Purchase 3x Virgo Essence from the Market and Exchange them.
Buy the §Libra Essence Recipe from the corresponding NPC. Lunarshade for ★ essence. Breezemark for ☆ essence.
Press O after you've used your §Libra Essence Recipe to start crafting Virgo x3 in exchange for Libra Essence.

★Libra Essence or ☆Libra Essence will cost you 3x Virgo @ 30G Jadens
★Scorpio Essence or ☆Scorpio Essence will cost you 9x Virgo @ 90G Jadens
★Sagittarius Essence or ☆Sagittarius Essence will cost you 27x Virgo @ 270G Jadens
★Capricorn Essence or ☆Capricorn Essence will cost you 81x Virgo @ 810G Jadens
★Aquarius Essence or ☆Aquarius Essence will cost you 243x Virgo @ 2,430G Jadens
★Pisces Essence or ☆Pisces Essence will cost you 729x Virgo @ 7,290G Jadens

Summary: This is meant to get you an easy Libra Essence or Scorpio to help you get going in the beginning. There's no need to spend so much Jadens to get yourself a Pisces, or even a Capricorn.
You might as well spend that much of Jadens on Lottos that have a chance to reward you with Capricorn's Might or Capricorn's Horn
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