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Vote-related Questions

  • Question: Is filling the Captcha necessary?
  • For you to get Jaden you only need to click the pink button on our site called "Vote on XtremeTop100". Verifying the Captcha is only necessary for the IN and OUT votes to be recorded on the XtremeTop site. While that won't give you Jaden when our game is down, it will give you Jaden when XtremeTop is down. 
  • Question: How does voting work?
  • Voting increases Monkey Dynasty's rank on vote sites like The system in place rewards you with Jaden in-game every time you vote.

    You can only vote once every 6h per IP per account. Do not change your IP to vote in the allotted time - 6 hours, or you will be found and banned. You are allowed to vote on any IP as long as there have been 6 or more hours between voting on your accounts.

  • Question: How many Jaden do I get by voting?
  • XtremeTop100 provides 420 Jaden every 6h per IP per account.

  • Question: I voted, but I didn't get my Jaden.
    • Make sure you're logged on the correct site;
    • Make sure you're logged on the correct account.
    • If you voted and were in Elysium in the meanwhile, you won't receive your voting Jaden or online Jaden. That's because it's on its seperate server.
    • Sometimes receiving your Jaden takes a while, due to the servers being overcrowded. You might need to wait a few. 
    • If the problem persists, you need to contact Tcholok on forum and explain your issue with your username.


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