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Technical Support

  • Question: This FAQ wasn't helpful, where can I look for solutions?
  • If the questions answered in this FAQ section didn't help you in any way, please check the following forum sections:

  • Question: I'm running Windows 10 and it's not compatible.
  • Windows 10 is quite tricky. You might get an error message saying that the Windows OS isn't compatible with the game. It might be due to running a 32-bit OS, in that case make sure to download the game through torrent. Another option is to go into Settings, Updates and Security, click the option For Developers and check Dev Mode.

  • Question: What is
  • Server network error is server-side, unfortunately. It simply indicates that something is wrong. There's nothing you can do here except wait for our admins to figure out the cause and reboot the system.

  • Question: Why do the files show up as a virus?
  • This is caused by the Anti-Virus, because it doesn't recognise the .exe files the server is using. Anti-Viruses usually list any .exe that's cracked, patched, or been used with a Keygen as malware. This often happens with private servers. The launcher and monkeydynasty.exe have to be added to the exceptions list in the Anti-Virus programme. Or turn off your tamper protection and then the programme itself. 
  • Question: Running Windows 8 and having issues.
  • There's an easy way to make Monkey Dynasty work under Windows 8.
    • Right-click your launcher and go to Properties, pick "open file location".
    • Go to element folder, scroll down until you see monkeydynasty.exe.
    • Make a shortcut and drag it to your desktop.
    • Rename that shortcut to Non Launcher (Only run the launcher when you know you need to update).
    • Right-click on the icon of "non launcher" and go to Properties again.
    • Go to compatibility and run compatibility troubleshooter.
    • Try recommended settings.
    • Test the game.
    If this works for you and continues to work without crashing, right-click on it and check the box that says "always run in xp mode".
  • Question: Why is the launcher grey and won't download anything?
  • This is because of the Anti-Virus programme. Add the launcher to the exceptions list or turn the programme off. If that doesn't help, add the game to the Windows Firewall exceptions as well.
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