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  • Facebook

    Posted 3 Days, 9 Hours, 8 Minutes Ago

    We are steadily approaching 3000 likes, and at 3000 likes the entire server will receive a special banana reward. So if you haven't liked our page please do it!

    Also, once you have liked our page, or if you have already, please try and like our posts when you see them! Many people don't know how Facebook 'feeds' work. A post will be shown to more of our audience when people who are seeing it like, comment, and share the post. Facebook actually promotes the post more if the post is 'popular' with the audience, and is more likely to show the post to people who generally are not seeing our posts. It's quite common for as low as 10% of our audience to actually see a post we make on Facebook, but a post with likes and comments gets as high as 800 views!

    Please help us increase the playerbase by sharing our page with your friends, we are seeing a steady increase in players over the last 2 months, and we would love to see that continue as we near the introduction of the second server, the Regenesis MD server.

  • Patch 27

    Posted 1 Week, 1 Day, 4 Hours, 38 Minutes Ago

    I forgot to post the patch notes for patch 26, and I honestly don't even remember what was in it. I believe it was just custom titles.

    With this one it is also another dozen or so custom titles.
    I also added some more items to make faction changes even quicker for us to complete.
    Several pets were added to the GM Exchange for event prizes.

    That's all for now.

    Oh I meant to put the Banana Peel exchange in this patch and just remembered. I'll work on that tonight.

  • A special event for my family, and the server.

    Posted 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 7 Hours, 25 Minutes Ago

    Final update Oct: 11th: Once again I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this event. It looks like we will achieve our goals by the end of the event. The event is scheduled to end at midnight on Monday night server time. So you're not confused, this means the event will end at the end of Monday night at midnight, as Tuesday comes in. Thank you for all of your help, we really couldn't have done it without you.

    Update Oct. 8th: Thank you everyone for all of the support throughout this event. The event is currently running until the end of tomorrow night server time. It may be extended until the end of the weekend due to Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday/Monday. For an update on funding we have received more than half of what we need to achieve our goals. We want to thank everyone for their participation in this event and the amazing support we have received.

    Update Oct. 5th: The event has been going quite good so far. We will be updating the list to let you guys know what we still need funding for after we've completed some payments, thank you everyone for the support.
    Anyone who has ordered a change will be waiting all day today due to Regenesis work. If this is a problem for you get in touch with a GM to contact me on Skype and I'll try and make time for your change today.
    10% rewards will be coming soon, a script needs to be written for that to work, please be patient. It should come before the event is over.

    My girlfriend and I want to personally thank the server for all of the support we have received since the server has opened, but especially over the past 6 months. As many of you already know we were faced with hard decisions that almost had me leaving the server multiple times. The server has been good at generating just enough income for me to not have to go get a job elsewhere. I do work on the server full-time, and if I was to start working elsewhere I likely wouldn't have any time left for the server.

    About 8 months ago my girlfriend finished college, but to work in her chosen field as an RMT she would need to write the two final tests again for the ministry. This is standard, and has to be done by every student of massage therapy in Ontario.

    We approached our families for assistance to get her licensed, and they would not help. We approached the government, and they agreed to help, but then withdrew the funding because I make more than $1106.00 per month. We had already obtained $700 from them for the first exam, but they withdrew the transportation fees for us to go down there to get the exam done. Tcholok and our other friend Mike both stepped in and helped us with those fees. They also helped us with the fees for the second exam and transportation getting there and back.
    In the meantime income from the server has assisted me with paying bills and surviving. Even with income from the server I still got as far as 6 months behind on my electric, and 3 months behind on my internet. Nevertheless, any time I got my internet cut off or was at risk of having my electric cut, etc. The server helped us pull through.

    So we want to thank you for all of the help. Not only has your donations kept the server running, kept me working on the server, and allowed us to buy files when needed. It has also assisted in making our future possible. You have helped buy toys for our 4 year old daughter, and you have helped put food in our stomachs.

    We can't thank you enough for that. Your donations really do make a difference.

    So first. We're going to award every registered account with 100 bananas, just for being a member of the server you will get a reward. Second is a reward for donators only. Anybody who has ever donated to the server will get a second banana reward. This banana reward will be 10% of your total donations. (It's going to take me a couple of days to get a report of this.)

    Finally we are going to have a special donation event. You guys might remember a time when you would donate and get jadens, but now you donate for bananas. Well what we're going to do is allow your donations to count to both. This means you will get double bananas AND 60 jaden per dollar spent. For example, a donation of $20 will get you 400 bananas and 1200 jaden.

    This time we can even tell you where your funds will be going! Think of it like a GoFundMe campaign but without using their service to do it. We are really depending on the server to raise the funds we need to pay for my girlfriend to be registered and to pay our rent for October. Our close friend Mike has already maxed out his credit cards helping us, and Tcholok has already advanced me over $1000. Here is a list of the fees we need to pay before she is able to start working, she already has a location and clients waiting!
    Registration for Oct - Dec = $242.75
    Insurance = $94.99.
    The RMTAO membership. = $100.
    We need to pay our rent. = $800
    We also need to buy some supplies, specifically a heating pad which is about $200, and lotion which is around $60 for a gallon. We also need to pay a linen company for sheets, not really sure how many as of yet, likely around 90 a week which is about $50.
    We also need to pay for the next year of registration which is $671, but we're kind of unsure when this needs to be paid, and we think if she is registered soon enough that she won't need to pay it before being able to work, which would mean we would be able to pay it ourselves.

    We can't thank you enough for all of the help you guys have provided us so far, and we hope you can help us over these final hurdles.

    I know some people are going to read this and ask about Regenesis. New files released on the 18th and I'm in the process of examining them. If they are the 1395 files they claim to be then we will have ascension, something that's worth waiting a couple of weeks for. If they are the 1378 that they also may be, then it makes no difference and we can just add the ones we have done already. If they are the newer ones I can probably redo the stuff that would need to be changed in like 2 days. First we need to actually get in the files though, still working on that. I believe the Regenesis client is done and ready, and we are about to start testing it today or tomorrow. More likely today, but I have to take my girlfriend to the doctors.

  • A special event.

    Posted 4 Weeks, 10 Hours, 43 Minutes Ago

    Coming soon.

  • Update to Faction Changes

    Posted 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 5 Minutes Ago

    We've heard a lot of complaints about how long faction changes tend to take.

    We have improved the way these are done so that we should have no problems doing them in 48 hours or less. I honestly want to try and keep them done within 24 hours, but I'm saying 48 to be safe. The only exception to this would be at times that will be posted about beforehand, such as when I'm out of town this coming weekend.

    I will be gone from the night of Sept. 10th until the morning of Sept. 15th. Any changes ordered in this time will not be completed until the morning of Sept. 15th. However, if you order before I leave your change will be done before I leave on the 10th. (I actually leave on the 11th, but so early in the morning I have to sleep the evening of the 10th)

  • Account creation error.

    Posted 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 22 Hours, 38 Minutes Ago

    This error is now fixed, if you were unable to send an activation email you can use the resend activation email option and it should work.

    There seems to be an issue with account creation. After seeing some complaints in quick chat I attempted to make one and got a PHP error. We are looking into the cause of this issue and will resolve it as soon as possible.

    For now, if you can't create an account you won't be able to until later today. If you CAN create an account please post on this thread and let me know. As far as I can see this issue is affecting everyone right now. Please let me know if you are not affected by it.

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