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  • Frequent Crashes -> New Server Location

    Posted 1 Week, 1 Day, 23 Hours, 23 Minutes Ago

    As I'm sure you're already aware, the server has been crashing every few days (or worse). The good news is this has been getting worse because the population and activity have been increasing. The bad news is the crashes are caused by a hardware issue that we cannot resolve without moving to a new server.

    It's apparent that if we want to continue to grow without increasingly frequent crashes, we need to move to a new server. This will be a labor intensive process as we setup a new server with all of the different services that makes this game possible, but it's a process we'll have to do.

    We have also setup a comprehensive automated recovery system so if the server does have a hardware fault that causes it to restart then the game servers, VMs, and all other services will repair themselves and relaunch automatically. This should reduce any downtime from these events to minimize the frustration as we work on a migration.

    New Server Location
    Moving to a new server will give us a chance to relocate the server if enough players prefer a different location. Please try test-pinging potential new locations and vote in the poll for your favorite location. Also, please reply to the poll with your test ping results and your geographic location so we can get a better sense of the distribution of pings and locations.

    Thanks for your patience while we resolve this.

  • Patch 56

    Posted 1 Week, 3 Days, 18 Hours, 28 Minutes Ago

    Patch 56

    1. Some of the Custom Skyblades couldn't be upgraded, this has been resolved.

    2. Updated the speeds on Custom Mounts to 7.5 - 8.0

    3. Added the final items for faction changes.

    4. Updated descriptions on the items for faction changes.

    5. Added a new custom Monkey Skylord in Custom Sunstream to replace Skylord Adra.

    6. Added the ability to port back to Sunstream from Custom Sunstream as well as ports to many other maps from the Monkey Skylord.

    7. We have made changes to the rewards from the Orison Instance.

    The Wish Boxes awarded from the Orison instances have been modified to give you prizes based on luck! You will be rewarded based on a range between a minimum and maximum amount of each available prize.

    The Servant of Orison Wish Box now rewards;

    One tradeable Dragon Sigil.
    A chance at a Drake Sigil Shard, if you're really lucky you might win two.
    A Level 9 Yuan Crystal.
    From 20 - 40 Banana Peels.
    From 50 - 100 Chi Enhancers.
    From 150 - 300 Soul Inverters.
    From 20 - 60 Tanis Ka Charms.
    From 4000 - 9999 Affinity Beads.
    From 2000 - 4000 Chroma Beads.
    You will also have a 3% chance to win a Solar Pendant.

    The Adept of Orison Wish Box now rewards;

    1 Kirin Sigil.
    A chance at an Ares Sigil Shard, if you're really lucky you might win two!
    From 1 - 2 Level 10 Yuan Crystals.
    From 50 - 100 Banana Peels.
    From 100 - 200 Chi Enhancer.
    From 250 - 500 Soul Inverters
    From 50 - 100 Tanis Ka Charms.
    From 200 - 400 Monkey Coins.
    From 5000 - 9999 Chroma Beads.
    You will also have a 25% chance to win a Solar...

  • Server outage + Patch 55

    Posted 1 Week, 5 Days, 14 Hours, 55 Minutes Ago

    The server crashed due to a technical issue. While fixing it, we applied patch 55. Thank you for your patience.

    Patch 55

    1. Removed the world chat notification for receiving the title Returned from a Dream.

    2. Added descriptions to faction change items.

    3. Added Seira faction change item.

    4. Fixed custom pets. If you purchased one while they were bugged then it will probably still be bugged, you need to find a GM in-game to get a refund.

    5. You can now use astrolabe in Garro.

    6. Coupon reset timer has been returned to the original status. We'll see how this works, we have detected 2 other changes that might ultimately be the issue. We expect the coupon issue to be fully resolved within the next week.

    7. Dragonne(Pet) was reduced in size, this should hopefully fix the targeting issue.

    Faction changes should return in the next patch. Possibly as early as tonight. Automated events will be going live sometime this weekend.

  • Bans and unbans

    Posted 2 Weeks, 8 Hours, 19 Minutes Ago

    Today we completed the recovery of sigils that were obtained through the courage exploit. All of the users that exploited this issue have now been unbanned. 2 users that were banned did not exploit the issue, but knew about the issue and did not report it. We feel this was sufficient for a ban.

    Further, we have begun a new ban policy surrounding vote exploitation. If a user is caught exploiting the voting system they will no longer be permanently banned, instead, they will be issued a 7-day ban and their Jaden will be wiped.  If they have no Jaden, we will pursue other consequences such as removing your bank notes or destroying your gear.

    Today, 75 users were banned for exploiting votes, most of which were connected to just 1 person.

    Please, do everybody a favor and just follow the rules. I'd rather be working on content than administrative tasks, and you'd rather that too. 

  • SS Spam + Ticket System Fix

    Posted 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 2 Hours, 34 Minutes Ago

    Happy new year everyone!

    We've got more surprises we'll be releasing in the next week or two, but until then I bring you some more fixes.

    • Ticket system has been fixed. You can now log in again if you were getting "access denied" before.
    • NPC spam has been reduced in our Custom Sun Stream map. Chat should be a lot less cluttered.

    Let's make 2019 the year MD returns to its former greatness!

  • Patch 54

    Posted 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 10 Hours, 5 Minutes Ago

    This was an unplanned patch that we applied because the server crashed due to a technical issue.

    1. We realized that the charge rewards were not as they should be for our server. We've temporarily removed them to evaluate them and add rewards that are more suitable for our server.

    2. We're testing a fix to the coupon issue, the test is only on MTH coupons right now. It'll take about a day or two until we'll know if this resolution works.

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