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  • Mid-summer x2 donations

    Posted 6 Days, 18 Hours, 20 Minutes Ago

    Wow, as if summer is already halfway done! We've activated double donations for the weekend! Enjoy!

  • Bans

    Posted 1 Week, 5 Days, 1 Hour, 2 Minutes Ago

    Around 200 accounts were banned today. Most of which all tied to the same person.

    Unfortunately anyone who logged into his accounts or that he logged into was banned. He was tied to 153 unbanned accounts, and 691 accounts in total. Those 153 accounts were all banned. Apparently the first 538 bans have not taught this person anything, well, he has learned not to make as many accounts with incrementally named usernames.

    Anyways, a few of the accounts that were tied to him were most likely not his. As I said, even if you only logged in one of his accounts or vice-versa your account was banned.

    If you believe you were banned in error then go to and submit a ticket. Make sure to provide all of your usernames and any other information you feel is relevant. If you exploited you will not be unbanned, this means only those who appear to have been mistakenly banned will be unbanned.

    A pm such as "I'm sorry, I exploited votes and I will not do it again" will never even make it past the first tier of support.

  • Monkey Dynasty Support - Ticket System

    Posted 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 21 Hours, 49 Minutes Ago

    We have added a ticket system to process your requests easier. Unfortunately we now get too many pms and requests to respond to everyone so you will need to fill out a ticket.
    This does require a valid e-mail address.

    Further support questions and requests should be done at
    It is currently in beta, so bare with us while we test it out with you guys, but we are using a reliable open source system called OSTicket.

    If you have sent a PM to Tcholok or Perryl requesting support and haven't got a response then go put in a ticket. This is for us to keep better track of what is going on.
    You will receive support faster from the ticket system than you will from sending us a private message on forums.

    Sending us a private message on forums is no longer the best way to contact us. We will most likely just tell you to put in a ticket.

  • Patch 25 - More stuff fixed.

    Posted 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 8 Hours, 16 Minutes Ago

    Just a small patch of some stuff people asked for in the last couple of weeks. This my final reminder to exchange your expired items with updated items, you will LOSE THEM otherwise. Use up your monkey pots too, they will be gone next patch with all other expired items. Tell your friends, even the ones who quit, they will lose their stuff.. if they don't care, that's cool, but we're trying to give everyone every chance to exchange their customs for updated ones.

    Name length in the makeover NPC has been changed to 10 letters/characters. This also goes for clan and ally name change.
    9 more custom titles added.
    More Vigilant, Berserker, and Superior mobs have been raised to 160.
    Shimmer Squirrel is now tradeable.
    The custom quest 'Exchange a lot of Taichi Pills' is back at Tree of Wealth.
    MTH Esper Piece rates modified.
    All skyblades should be tradeable now.
    Modified the Fish Lord drop list to give a variety of different items. It still gives those Fish Lord Talismans, but a lot less. There is also a chance of Golden Letters, and the most common drop from it is Chroma Beads.
    All mounts should be tradeable now.
    Ares and Flux sigils added back to VIP reward exchange for shards.
    Added Sinister Orb to Golden Letters exchange at Esper Mystics.
     The prices of the level 5 Celesphere Sands have been reduced in the banana shop, we also changed the quantity of the x5 and x10 packs to x6 and x12 respectively.

  • Pulling on your heartstrings - an update.

    Posted 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 14 Hours Ago

    Thank you to anyone who contributed to this campaign. Not only did we achieve the goal of $2,000 to help with her surgery but it has even made it over the top to $2,140!

    Mariah is very happy and thankful for all the help she has received.

  • Responding to admin private messages.

    Posted 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 12 Hours, 29 Minutes Ago

    Clearly I have to teach you guys basic e-mail etiquette. It appears that very few of you can click the quote button to respond to me, even AFTER you are told via pm.

    Keep messages brief and to the point. Make your most important point first, then provide detail if necessary. Make it clear at the beginning of the message why you are writing. There is nothing worse for the recipient than having to wade through a long message to get to the point. Worse, if you send long messages, it is much less likely that the person will act on what you have sent or respond to it. It’s just too much work. It often gets set aside and, unfortunately, forgotten.

    If you are responding to an e-mail or message you should include the previous message so the person knows what you're responding to. Responding without quoting the original message is like sending a brand new message and the person you are sending a message to may not remember what you originally said. In my case, I won't remember without you quoting the original message.

    Here's 10 decent rules to follow when sending me a pm, they are more suggestions than rules, but nevertheless hopefully you guys start following number 8 at least.

    #1 Write well-structured emails: Do not make an email longer than it needs to be. Remember that reading an email is harder than reading printed communications. Use bullets when possible.

    #2 Use short, descriptive subjects: This will help the recipient as well as yourself if you ever need to find the email again. If previous email threads are used to open a new email thread, change the subject of the new email thread to avoid confusion.

    #3 Use a spelling checker: Embarrassing spelling errors can easily be avoided.

    #4 Read your email before sending Many people don’t bother to read an email before they send it out. A spelling checker cannot eliminate all errors and typos. Simply by rereading an email before it is sent out will help you reduce errors and improve the effectiveness of your message.

    #5 Do not send unnecessary or large attachments via email: If possible include a link to a downloadable document instead. Large attachments (over 10 MB) are highly likely to be blocked along the way.

    #6 Do not write emails in capitals: Capitals in emails come across as AGGRESSIVE. Usually this is not the intention of the sender, but nevertheless the recipient can be intimidated by use of capitalization.

    #7 Do not use the recall option: Emails cannot be recalled. All the recipient will see is another email message saying that you wish to recall the email message.

    #8 Include the message thread: It is better to include the message thread so that the recipient can browse through the history of the conversation without having to search through their inbox.

    #9 Keep emails short and concise: Short and concise emails are more effective than longwinded emails. If the email is too long, recipients will only skim over the content.

    #10 Send a complete response: If you are replying to an email with questions, make sure you reread the original email before sending your reply to make sure that you have answered all questions.

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